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Meal was stone cold, not the service we normally receive, so we were very disappointed

Simon, 15 Jan 2021


Missing items from order :(

Ms, 14 Jan 2021


Ordered at 17:27 and it’s currently 20:48 and still no food!!

Skye, 12 Jan 2021

Waited nearly 3 hours for my food got my order wrong and the food was cold

Megan , 11 Jan 2021


Daniel, 05 Jan 2021

Waited 2 hours for food to arrive. The guy on the phone was nice and polite when I rang. Once it did arrice it was lovely. Shame about the waiting time else we would order from here again if it wasnt for that.

Hamish, 04 Jan 2021

Food was very poor I understand why a 50% discount was on promotion. Ordered a cj mixed kebab in pitta bread but got dry thought mixed kebab in Nan. Never again

Bab, 02 Jan 2021

Chinken itself was ok however there was nothing piri piri about it was just like having grilled chicken. Chips and salad standard ok. But it your after piri piri chicken try else where. After waiting 2 hour delivery

Jordan, 31 Dec 2020

As im typing this, its been 2 and a half hours since i placed an order, i've called twice and every time they say '15 Mins mate' Piss poor service and i would strongly suggest against ordering from this place, just read other reviews.

Ryan, 30 Dec 2020

Lovely food, my favourite takeaway.

Adrian, 28 Dec 2020

The best place to order Nice and clean food with 5 STARS SERVICES

Aymen, 26 Dec 2020

Food is uttery bad. I ordered peri peri chicken and chicken is bland and burned. Not worth at all.

Mohamed Sharfaz, 24 Dec 2020

Been waiting for 2 hours for delivery . Never order from here again.

Bogdan, 24 Dec 2020

Being waiting nearly 2 hours. still not come. Was told it was on its way 25 mins ago

Charlotte, 23 Dec 2020


The food was freezing cold when it arrived

Skye , 20 Dec 2020

Food arrived late but it was hot, tasty, and I had ordered during a very busy period

Simon, 18 Dec 2020

Food arrived late, but it was hot, tasty and I ordered during a very busy period so I wasn't disappointed

Simon, 18 Dec 2020

Avoid, this takeaway has given me food posining i am very poorly! never again.

Lee, 17 Dec 2020

Hi. I placed an order on the 14/12/2020 at apx 10:50pm, infollowed the order tracker and the "en route" status was there for over 20 minutes and the takeaway is 5 minutes away. When the food arrived it was awful, quality, thrown in the box and looked like leftovers. This is the second time we've had to wait longer than than we should have for poor quality food. I would like a full refund for the £19 wasted. I will contact T2S if I don't hear about my refund in 24 hours. Thank you!

Kay, 15 Dec 2020

Food was not only over an hour late but soggy and luke warm at best. Will not use again

Angela, 09 Dec 2020

Ordered for the first time from this takeaway under the name Jackie, food was awful, tasted like it had been on fire, the pizza was burnt and so was the donner meat. We won’t be returning, it was awful!

Jade Mattocks, 08 Dec 2020

Takes awhile come but nice warm food

Richard, 08 Dec 2020

Terrible how long it takes, been 2 hours and 45 mins, wil never order again

Justine, 04 Dec 2020

Ordered my food over two hours ago, still not been recieved, tried calling many times and keeps saying line busy. Ordered from here many times and it's never been quick but this is disgusting.

Simone Lee, 03 Dec 2020

I placed an order on your website last night (27/11/20) and it said our order would be delivered at 20:10. By 21:00 there was no sign of our order. I tried to call (59 times looking at my call history!) but kept getting an engaged tone or no answer on the 3 occasions it did actually ring through. We are regular customers and usually order twice a week but last night was a big let down. The food finally arrived at 22:15 but by that time we had ended up cooking so had already eaten!!

Gemma Partridge, 28 Nov 2020

I have been waiting for 3 hours for my food. I am pregnant and absolutely starving. No answer on the phones at all!!! And I have paid for my order through uber eats.

Julie, 27 Nov 2020